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About Knicely Studios' Elegant Sign and Design Art

Dennis Knicely has been creating store front design, specialty signage, fine art, as well as specializing in the exacting profession of precious metals, palladium and gold leafing for decades, with work represented by hundreds of businesses / estates throughout the Southwest, including Santa Fe / Albuquerque / Taos, NM, Scottsdale / Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles / Beverly Hills / Santa Monica / Palm Springs / Palm Desert / Indian Wells / La Jolla, CA areas, Dallas / Austin / Houston, TX, Chicago, Cleveland, etc.

Areas of expertise that we specialize in: logo / web design, computer vinyl sign /art, custom crafted lettering and 3 - dimensional carvings, varied media, cast bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, plastics, resins, low / medium / high density foams, gator foam, metal coatings, wood applications, and / or use your imagination.

Gem and Gold Numbers
Simply Santa Fe Gold Leaf and Gem Inlay on glass  numbers over entrance

Note: Design Art and Numbers are above double door entrance to Simply Santa Fe on the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM. This window transom is layered with 23K gold leaf, 16K gold leaf, and azurite gem inlay.

For more information contact the artist: DennisKnicely@Gmail.com

For serious inquiries only: 1-310-403-8160. Serving the Southwest United States since 1976

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