Historic Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles, CA
From the Famous Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles, CA USA...

Gold Leaf Specialist, sign writer and design artist Dennis Knicely has fabricated countless signs in this area, using only the finest quality hand lettering, gold leaf and computer generated imaging. Simply scroll down for more.

St. Vincent Jewelry Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles
Logo for St. Vincent Jewelry Center at 7th. & Hill Streets, anchoring the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles, Ca, USA 2001. With app. 75 entrance doors, this art was created with 23K burnished / shiny gold leaf outline & 18K lemon matte gold leaf inlay outlined in black. NOTE: This is the biggest building of jewelry business in entire World, and Dennis Knicely has restored and fabricated hundreds of signs there.

Los Angeles Jewelry Mart in Downtown Los Angeles from 23K gold leaf
From the L.A. Jewelry Mart, at 7th. & Olive Streets in Downtown LA's Jewelry District. Signs were hand lettered in 23K shiny gold leaf with black outline / shadow fabricated in 2011 while restoring many others, to match existing work on 18 doors created in 1985.

Fine computer generated art, images & gold leaf lettering for LA Wedding Inc.
Finest quality computer generated images, art, & gold leaf lettering for L.A. Wedding Inc. in Downtown LA at St. Vincent Jewelry Center 2011

Dot Matrix Shock Adhesion material on inside of 80" x 90" inside of window.
Silver Palace sign was fabricated from dot matrix shock adhesion material, on inside of 80" x 90" window on 3rd. Floor of St. Vincent Jewelry Center. It appears as sign from outside, cuts down on Sun UVs inside, yet one can see out from inside. This was first example with this material in Downtown Los Angeles 2011.

Aatash Diamonds of LA's Jewelry District
This sign is a simple example of computer generated art for this company, that was designed, finished and installed within 24 hours; Gold metallic lettering with black outline.

Hani Jewelry at LA Jewelry Mart
Example of computer generated sign after close to 10 years on outside of window, from finest quality gold metallic with black vinyl outline. Designed and created by Dennis Knicely for Hani Jewelry at the LA Jewelry Mart.

Example of design furnished by client, then fabricated within 24 hours, for Pantan Imaging & Design
Example of design furnished by client, computer generated art using gold metallic and black vinyl, completed within 24 hours.