SantaFeStudios.US was started to feature among the best artists in this area. This site is a Complimentary site to & or home page.

Dewey Galleries Design Art by Dennis Knicelhy

This sign art was created and created in 1981 by Dennis Knicely, over the entrance to Dewey Galleries on the Plaza in Santa Fe. The Lettering on glass has 16K Burnished / Shiney Pale Gold Leaf outline with Black Opal inlay and 23K Matte Gold Leaf highlights.

Aquarius Glass Sign Art

Sign was originally designed and created by Dennis Knicely in 1977 on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Stained glass was created and inlayed at the business represented.

Santa Fe named second best place for artists
Art Business News, June, 2007
SANTA FE -- Santa Fe was named the second best place in the United States for artists and creatives by Sperling's Best Places and

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Gold Leaf Signs - The work of Dennis Knicely

Gold Leaf Design - The Work of Dennis Knicely

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